Our History

The History and The Need for Her Care Clinic

In June of 2022, a group of individuals in western Sussex County were concerned about the lack of healthcare and and resources for pregnant women in our community. They conducted a study using census data and learned that there are approximately 75,000 people who live closer to Seaford than they do to an existing pro-life pregnancy center. For many women in western Sussex County and nearby Maryland communities, transportation to affordable healthcare is challenging and even impossible. The result was the decision to start Her Care Clinic to offer quality free healthcare and assistance to women in the greater Seaford and surrounding communities. Our goal is to be able to offer a variety of services including pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasounds, STI testing, annual wellness exams and more! We will be a 21st century medical clinic and a “game changer” for western Sussex County and neighboring Maryland communities. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as we move forward in faith.